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You'll receive templates for:

  • ✓ Feedback gathering template
  • ✓ Future dream job scenario template
  • ✓ Growth discussion template
  • ✓ How to ace your next job interview template

Prepare and re-tool for the next steps
in your career

Figuring out professional growth is difficult, especially in remote times.

At Reaktor, we take growth seriously. We believe that all experts deserve the best possible career coaching, and that’s why we’ve tested many tools and methods for professional growth over the years. 

We wanted to make some of our methods and tools available for you in a simple 4-week online program. The program is a curated mix of tools you can easily implement to your daily work life.


Who should join this program?

  • This program is designed for anyone interested in professional growth
  • It’s especially beneficial for tech and design professionals looking to boost their professional development and get ready to take the next step towards their career goals

You'll get free tools and templates to

  • Make gathering feedback a new routine
  • Create your dream job scenario
  • Design and facilitate your career growth discussions
  • Shine in your next job interview
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