AI Use Cases

Discussions around AI focus on the theory and leave you to wonder about the practical application.

Therefore, Reaktor has gathered together a series of use cases where we have assisted organisations in implementing AI solutions to solve concrete business challenges.

Read our retail industry example or view the full list.

K-AI: Providing top-notch customer experience while building internal AI capabilities from scratch



K Group has put multiple customer experience improving AI solutions to production while building their own AI development team from scratch thanks to long-term commitment and partnership with Reaktor. As a result they have not only increased their sales and NPS score but have built their own abilities to continue improving their digital services.



Retail is a domain where large scales and a need for detail meet. Shopping for groceries online can be either a relaxing or a frustrating experience depending on how fast and convenient it is to e.g. find the products on one’s shopping list. AI solutions are not enough if they cannot be integrated technologically and organisationally.


Role of AI

Multiple cloud-based AI solutions, such as recipe and meal recommendation tools and intelligent searches, have been built to support Kesko’s target to improve online shopping experience.

To find out more about AI opportunities in the retail industry or to discuss your organisation’s needs, contact us.

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