AI Use Cases

Discussions around AI focus on the theory and leave you to wonder about the practical application.

Therefore, Reaktor has gathered together a series of use cases where we have assisted organisations in implementing AI solutions to solve concrete business challenges.

Read our pharmaceutical industry example or view the full list.

Orion: Supporting pharma R&D with machine learning



Orion and Reaktor AI have built and launched machine learning based tools to support Orion R&D and the regulatory processes, built a scalable cloud infrastructure, and put a digital transformation in motion across many levels in the organization.



The pharmaceutical industry is demanding. Volumes are high, margins for error thin, and regulatory processes strict and laborious. Fully utilising AI solutions requires not only technological but organizational transformation as well.


Role of AI

Smart tools built in close collaboration with Orion, together with a cultural shift, are helping Orion on the path to becoming the smartest pharma company in the world.

To find out more about AI opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry or to discuss your organisation’s needs, contact us.

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