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At Reaktor Aero we create digital products and services that enhance and elevate your airline or airport’s brand, strategy, and infrastructure.

By placing the passenger at the heart of everything we do, we work to dismantle and disrupt archaic cumbersome systems and unearth new, smarter ways of operating.

Before departure

  • Mobile app
  • Web
  • Booking experience
  • Loyalty services
  • E-commerce
  • Ancillary services and sales

In-flight experience

  • IFE
  • Connectivity software
  • Mobile app
  • Wifi

On the ground

  • AI
  • Machine learning

Before departure

Customers first meet your brand in-app or on desktop. This is also where you can solve – or better yet, prevent – customer problems by anticipating your passengers’ needs ahead of time.

Streamlining the booking experience, offering real-time flight information, and effortlessly adding in ancillary sales, like pre-order duty-free shopping, means that when your passengers arrive at the airport they already know what to expect.

What counts is balancing user-centricity, attention to aesthetic detail, and innovative execution. These elements combined elevate both the customer experience as well as the brand.


Case Study
Air Baltic

Booking experience redefined

For airBaltic, Reaktor Aero built an innovative three-step user experience that makes it possible for customers to book a flight in just a few clicks. Providing unmatched speed, convenience, and ease, airBaltic’s new booking engine is grounded firmly on insights from user tests and in-depth interviews with airBaltic customers. Trailblazing, it sets a new industry standard.

In-flight experience

What makes sense on your backend often doesn’t often make sense to your passenger: there are vendor and product lock-ins, and scattered data and services, all of which make creating a harmonized passenger experience difficult.

Uniting the mobile application, aircraft connectivity, and in-flight entertainment systems – across all your fleet – allows for modern passenger-experience driven design and development to take the front seat. 

Instead of simply adding new tech features for features’ sake thereby overwhelming customers, it becomes possible instead to consider the holistic passenger experience: how the digital can complement the physical, and how customers’ needs can be catered to in ways that make time fly by.

Case Study
Air France & KLM

A unified in-flight experience across
the whole fleet

Reaktor Aero developed the world’s first fully native Android IFE for KLM and Air France. The system evolves under continuous development and deployment – another world’s first. The IFE Interactive is built from a single codebase that runs across 17 different configurations, headends (eX2, Ex3, and eXLite), and two brands with distinct media content and applications.

Read more about our collaboration with Air France KLM.

On the ground

Harnessing your big data in ways that protects your passengers’ personal data is one of the biggest challenges in aviation. We all know that the more effectively that data is harvested, analyzed, and used, the more agile both airlines and airports can become. 

With AI and machine learning tools, operations can be adjusted in real-time, in mere seconds. Even small improvements can add up over time to create billions of dollars in efficiency, environmental, and customer satisfaction gains.

Indeed, airport service improvement is ultimately a matter of enhancing the customer experience: when airports run better, airlines run better too, and passengers take note.

Case Study
Helsinki Airport

Optimizing the world’s smartest airport

Reaktor built a contextual engine for Helsinki Airport – one of the fastest-growing transport hubs in the world, with 20 million travelers a year – using artificial intelligence to digest passenger data in ways that make passing through the airport a breeze. The benefits come from an array of small improvements: for example, digital signs that change language according to the nationalities of those getting off a flight.

Read more about our collaboration with Finavia.

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